Monday, December 10, 2012

Entering third loop

Second loop: checked

I had a couple things to do in order to complete my second loop. Mainly introduce dynamic environment elements and finalize life and points management.

Here's a small video showing dynamic environment with basic blocking objects and points accounting at the end of a level. Nothing fancy, just functional stuff.

Third loop: Visual design

Now this is something I've been waiting for. At last I can now start working on the visual designs for the game. This is something that will take me quite some time, so don't expect too frequent updates in the following months. I've also got a large school project in the making (more on that later), and time is flying by way too fast to my liking :P

My goal at the end of this 3rd loop is to provide a vertical slice of the game, that it a representative sample of a near-final quality version of the game.

During this loop, I plan to go through these visual design stages:
  • Visual identity and color signature
  • Hero and hero items
  • Aliens
  • Environments
  • Fonts
  • HUD
  • Title

Galaxy note

This piece of technology is just amazing. I bought it precisely because of the included stylus with pressure support on applications such as Sketch Book Mobile from Autodesk. And I must say it rocks. I'm using it to sketch concepts for my project when I'm on the go and I've got some time to spare.
Here are a few concepts I've been doing on the Note for my game (note these my not be representative of the final designs):


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